What nobody tells you…

Today, I was sitting in the waiting room of my wife’s ob-gyn and it occurred  how this is something nobody told me about. Nobody talks about how a soon-to-be dad will feel slightly uncomfortable and out of place waiting for her to finish the pee test, or uncertain about when he should come with her, even when it has become pretty routine.

Most of the focus of the info you read is about how mom feels.  Rightfully so, too… I mean, it is her body that is changing dramatically and her health that directly impacts the baby.  But still, knowing what is coming for you is nice too. Like knowing that you will feel like you are expected to be the silent partner in all of this… Or that your body will change some too… and you will get in the way at every inopportune moment during classes,  appointments, and every other time your wife is doing something related to the baby…

It’s not all bad stuff they don´t tell you, though. Nobody told me how awesome it feels to feel a kick for the first time. Or how your kid will learn to recognize your voice and react inside her when you talk to your wife… Or how amazing your wife will look when she is so pregnant she can barely stand up without help…

This is a time for adjustments. You get about 7 months to figure out your place.  And when I figure it out, I’ll let you know what it is.

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