Feeling a little helpless is normal, guys. So is worrying about it, though. :)

I can’t help but feel a bit helpless.  My wife is constantly making ‘I’m uncomfortable’ noises, but when I ask her what is wrong, she looks at me, and I know it’s the baby kicking her in some internal organ…  or her back hurting again…  or her stomach turning at the smell of something (that I can’t even detect)…  and she’s said it to me soo much that I shouldn’t have to ask.  She’s not upset with me for asking, I think.  Just tired of feeling it.  And there’s nothing I can do.

That’s the worst part for me.  I hate to see her uncomfortable, but usually at least I can ask her about it and listen and it makes her feel better that I’m there, paying attention and sympathizing.  But this time I’m just reminding her of all the unpleasantness she’s going to go through in the next 5-9 weeks.  But on the other hand, I can’t just ignore the little noises or she will think I don’t care.  So I just try to make sure that I rub her back (which, guys, is one of my secret tools: a backrub, done right, will always make her feel better) and let her know I’m there for her.

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