Packmule, reporting in!

Ok, so it´s been a bit over two weeks since my last post. I wasn´t planning on taking a hiatus like this, but with everything that was happening, I really just fell apart on the extra-curriculars.

So, for the 2 people who see my blog that don´t know me, hereś the backstory… I am a teacher who is about to lose his job. (End of the school year is end of my job. And that´s fast approaching…) Oh, and did I mention that the house we were living in has been sold? My wife and I are moving in with her parents (who live about 8 hours away from where we were living) for the birth and some time after, until we get our feet under us. But because we probably won´t have time to move at the end of the month, and because she could technically give birth almost any day now, we moved most of our stuff already. Including my wife. But because I have to work until the end of the month, I am crashing with my brother for the next 2 weeks. Oh, and report cards are coming up too, which means that most of my weekend will be shot with marking and whatnot.

So thatś why I was not posting. I was busy being a packmule. My wife and I had to pack up EVERYTHING in our lives, put it in a uhaul trailer, and ship it back home. But because my wife is very pregnant, she was unable to do any of the lifting portion of the move. She was a great help on the organization side, though. So we got it all packed up and most of it moved. All the big stuff, anyway. I moved enough stuff to my brother´s house that I can live here without issue for the next few weeks. I still have to go over and mow the lawn and move the last of my crap 800km away, but the job is mostly done.

I´ll post some more soon, I just wanted to give a heads up on the hiatus. The blog isn dead, just resting while I recover from about a mountain sized level of change. Just before having a baby.

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2 Responses to Packmule, reporting in!

  1. cathy says:

    You will be back home soon.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hey! I Believe you need one last entry days before the baby comes. I really am hoping that we are home for the new arrival! Hopefully we planned out this upcoming trip perfectly to coincide with your new baby boy addition!! Looking forward to seeing you!

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