Everyone loves a boobie, right? Not quite.

Well, the wife is trying to breastfeed.  Everyone tells you “Breast is Best” and “Your childs’ best food is mom’s milk”.  What they fail to mention is how difficult it can be.  Especially when you have trouble getting it all to work and you watch your brand new child not getting enough to eat and drink.  And you`re stressing out over nipple confusion, dehydration, diaper counts, and half a dozen other issues that nobody really talks about until you`re there.  Everyone has a different way to handle it too, and will tell you how to handle it.  We seem to have survived, though, by remembering one thing: what works for us is what works for us.  That`s not to say that the advice people have for us was bad; in fact, it`s very much the opposite.  Everyone will have something worth trying.  Try it and see, but be ready to try something else if it doesn`t work.  My wife is currently pumping to increase her supply, giving our boy breastmilk (both from the sourse and in bottles), and supplimenting with formula.  It seems to be working, and it has the added bonus of keeping both of us sane.  Which, let me tell you, after the 14th night of interupted sleep, is a necessity.

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One Response to Everyone loves a boobie, right? Not quite.

  1. Samantha says:

    Oh – pumping, pain, improper latch, dwindling milk supply … I remember those days very vividly. A couple of weeks in (by which time I was a sleep-deprived, hurting wreck), I remember my mom saying “Whatever happens, he’ll be fed.” And it was like someone gave me permission to just do whatever worked, and the relief I felt was phenomenal. Hang in there – and whatever happens, he’ll be fed. I’m glad to hear that you guys are both still sane!. 🙂

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