About me

This is a blog I started when my wife was about 7 months pregnant.  I wanted to write about the experience of being an expectant dad because while there is a lot of information on the net for dads-to-be, it is mostly on what your job is, what you should be doing, how you can help…  and nothing about what it is like, and what you should expect to feel.

Becoming a new parent is scary.  Terrifying, in fact.  And in my experience, most of the resources and supports available to new parents are aimed at moms-to-be, so the dads are left feeling like they don´t really matter that much.  (My wife included me in everything she does, it really wasn´t her fault.)  My aim here is to help new dads to know they are not the only ones feeling all the strange things that I felt, and to give them some place to see that we do have an important part to play.


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